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                     If You Seek Unity with Spirit, Seek it's Flame Within the Doorway to Your Own Being,       It is There Alone You Will Find It.                                                              




"In the stillness of your Unity with Spirit,

 a small voice whispers,

"I am"...

Become the "You", that voice knows you to be!"







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Spirit Unity Ministry is a non denominational inclusive

spiritual community;

welcoming people of all beliefs to celebrate their becoming.

Becoming, is a process of celebrating life as mirrored by the moons, sun and stars.

All life is an extension of the universal source.

The earthly expression of spirit is a journey of freewill,

as such, each of us will walk a unique path.

We walk this path for ourselves but we need not walk it by ourselves.

Spirit Unity Ministry is a place where we can share the journey,

the celebrations,

the fellowship, the adventures, the learning, the victories

 the joy and the love we will all experience along the way.

Be Welcomed as Equals!


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