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Our full curriculum is being currently being developed and classes appropriate for independent study will be posted here as they become available.

Independent Study, Basic Spiritual Development 1

This course is designed to be a self directed first study of the world around us and our place in it.  It is an awareness driven meditative experience that can be anything the participant wishes it to be. Foremost it is a start, beyond reading books and learning through other's experiences, it is an opportunity to guide yourself through experiencing the elements and your connection to them. 


Becoming Series

The Becoming Series of classes is a 13 proficiencies built upon each other, each created of a series of reading, instruction and practical applications relevant to the personal development of each student. Each level is designed to establish an active proficiency of useable skills.

This series is not a traditional Wiccan, Druid, or Pagan class, it has value to seekers of all Faiths... as it explores an individuals own beliefs about the universe around us, their places in it and effect on it. 

Each class meets once a lunation for 13 lunations, online participation and outside reading is required.

The practical application of the skills learn shifts the information from knowledge to wisdom.

As you gain and apply wisdom you Become all your higher self already knows you to be.

Each class beyond Student, has as a prerequisite the previous class. 

To join the Practitioner class you must have completed the proficiency of student and so on, the prerequisite for the Student proficiency is a willingness to explore yourself.

Enrollment for Becoming 1 Proficiency of Student is now open, class will begin July 29, 2006




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