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Ameya Spirit:  Ministry Coordinator, Ritualist, Life Coach, Healer, Teacher and Cleric

A life long student of spirit and spiritual paths, Ameya  is primary ritualist for Spirit Unity Ministry. She has trained and studied many traditions. Ameya is one of the founders of the Becoming tradition.  She is initiated with OMS as Druid of the Third -degree, a First Degree Initiate and member of the Inner Court Clergy of the Correllian Nativist Church, International, Inc. and is also an ordained Reverend with the Universal Life Church. She has dedicated to the path of priestess, healer and storyteller and witch/sage. During 2007 She received  the Munay Ki Rites and  studied the Medicine Wheel with Brenda Kayn who teaches Shamanic Healing in the tradition of the Incan Medicine Men and Women of Peru. She plans to continue her studies in this tradition later this year.  She is also now studying Native American Shamanism with Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls.

A business owner,  public speaker, author, priestess, spiritual life coach and wife, Ameya is currently writing a series of personal development books based on eclectic pagan ethics and beliefs and the Becoming Tradition.  She has founded Peace Dreamers, an organization which makes available Alternative Healing, Spiritual Support, Education Opportunities and a Venue for brilliant new artists, writers, craftspeople, healers and teachers to market their projects. Ameya maintains a strong healing practice at Peace Dreamers and is trained in  and teaches,  Usui Reiki (Master), Kundalini Reiki, Full Spectrum Healing, Shamanic Bodywork and Rites,  Crystal healing and other intuitive modalities.

She is a former police officer, (and mom of 3 awesome adults) with many years experience in public service.

Ameya lives in Central New York with her Husband, and youngest Son.

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Dragons Shadow Wolf:  Youth Ministry Coordinator, Teacher and Ritualist.

At  22 years of age, Dragon, has been a member of the pagan community for over half of his life. He is an active member of a number of pagan organizations, and has acted as youth liaison for several of them. He has studied a number of pagan paths  and has dedicated to the path of priest, healer and storyteller.

Currently a business owner, construction worker, computer enthusiast, avid drummer and student. He is a Usui Reiki Master, Full Spectrum Healer, and has worked extensively with crystal healing and intuitive bodywork.

He lives in Central New York.

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Myriah Dragon Thorne:  Founder and Priestess of Othala Grove Spiritual Center, Adjunct Ritualist, Healer, Teacher and Cleric.

Myriah is the Founder and Guardian of Othala Grove Spiritual Center, which originated in Red Creek, NY in June 2000, and is now located in Shortsville, NY.

 Her quest for spirituality began at the age of 12, and has included a lifelong exploration and study of numerous traditions.  Her personal path is a blend of Druid, Native American, Shamanic, Wiccan and Kabbahlistic tradtions, and she is also a ULC Ordained Minister.
She has dedicated to the path of priestess, healer and storyteller.  She is a Usui Reiki Master healer, and also works with Crystal, Full Spectrum and other healing modalities.

Starting her participation in and contribution to a wide variety of community-based projects with the American Red Cross in High School, she now focuses on the well-being and growth of both the individual and the Pagan Community at large through involvement and support in events and projects such as:

 -   an active participant/sponsor for Rochester Pagan Pride Day Festival (2000-2005), Central New York 

(Syracuse) Pagan Pride Day (2003-2005), and FingerLakes (Canandaigua) Pagan Pride Day (2004)

-   Workshop Coordinator for Rochester Pagan Pride Day Festival (2005, 2006)

-   Presenter of workshop on Past Life Meditation at 2002, 2003 and 2004 RPPD Festivals, at 2004 and  

  2005 CNYPPD, and at 2004 FLPPD.

-   an Organizational Team Member (Publicity/Fundraising Team Leader) and Mistress of Ceremonies for the New York State Pagan Assembly (November 2002),
-   Planner/Coordinator of the 2002 & 2003 911 Memorial Gatherings in Rochester, NY,
-   Founder of Kuan Yin's Food Cupboard for the Rochester Pagan Community in cooperation with

 Psychic’s Thyme and NEC of  W.I.C.C.A.
-   Chairman of the Board of Directors of The New York State Pagan Alliance (NYSPA)

Myriah owns her own small contracting business as a NYS Licensed Optician with over 30 years experience in her profession, and lives in Shortsville, NY, with her fiancé and two cats. 

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Kokopelli boB:  Grounding Master, Healer, Ritualist , Teacher and Resident Comedian

K-boB is a grounding master, and avid student of energy. He has dedicated to the path of priest, healer and storyteller and sage. He is a Usui Reiki Master, Full Spectrum healer, with experience in bodywork and alternative modalities. He works with crystals in his individual practice.

He is also a former police officer with extensive public service experience. He now pursues interests including alternative fuel sources and intentional community development.

His sense of humor is guided by his Patron Kokopelli and is a source of joy and amusement for most of us.

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