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Spirit Unity Ministry is a spiritual ministry,

organized under the first amendment right to freedom of religous expression,

we are not a not -for- profit 501c3,

nor do we operate under the umbrella of any other agencies 501c3 status.

Currently we are a ministry, in that

we participate in acts of service to the members of our spiritual community

and the greater community at large.

We will one day be a landed church,

in the meantime we share the space of several existing organizations

and fellowship at the invitation of good friends.

We are not a hive, branch, or division of any other organization.

While our staff is involved in many activities and cooperative efforts,

the opinions represented within this website, unless otherwise noted and credited,

 are simply the expression of  the common ideals shared by the staff of Spirit Unity Ministry.

To join the mailing list for this community,

please send an email with your name, email address and location to


or join our yahoo community group by using the link below

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Our Staff is dedicated to providing spiritual support for the members of this ministry as well as the community at large.

Together with our members, we choose community and world works on which to focus our energies and intent.

Visit our staff bio pages for more information about our staff and to contact them individually via email, just click on the staff members name to view their bio.


We would like to thank some awesome women,

 who have helped us to create the dream that is Spirit Unity Ministry,

who have each opened their hearts and minds

to support us as we create the life of our dreams.

Our heart felt gratitude and love goes out to the

The Sisters Advisory Circle

  Gail Woods, clergy, teacher, ritual leader, tarot reader and Reiki Master,

author of Rituals of the Dark Moon: 13 Lunar Rites for a Magical Path

and The Wild God: Meditations and Rituals on the Sacred Masculine

Rosewycke, Songbird, tarot reader,  teacher, ritual leader, amazing friend and creative muse.

 Wolfie, clergy, ritual leader, Shamanic practitioner, teacher, Reiki Master and more!

Ellynore, clergy, ritual leader, teacher, Reiki Practitioner, advocate and friend

Sisters all!

and to

The great authors, teachers, and friends

(too numerous to mention but whom we hope know who they are)

who have all contributed to our spiritual growth throughout our lives.

and many other fantastic people who simply bring joy to our lives by being.


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