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Boundless, a poem

Through wings, and hooves and golden light,
an image of women filled my sight.
Strong and annoyed,
their image cloyed
at memories from long ago,
of lives and times I use to know.

Freya, Athena, Rhiannon, Demeter

Each came into view,
In the field of golden hue.
Ameya, you are so mild,
Why, when you know that you are our child?
Sister, this is the life you chose,
What do you think you have to lose?
We do not understand,
Why you have wandered from our land.
Do not stand there lost and meek;
Tell us what it is you seek.

With tears  streaming down my face,
I feel my heart, now filled with grace.
Experience, I thought,
But, what has this adventure brought?
Love and Strength and Faith and Being,
The lessons of my sisters, now, I am seeing.
Living this life,
Embracing the strife,
Living to be,
To do, to see.
Living to love,
Both here and above.
Joy, I have found,
In Joy I am unbound........

Ameya Spirit, 1/7/04

writer's note: This was my naming, Ameya Spirit -means boundless spirit and it is the "I am" that I strive to be. I ask that  should you feel called to share this poem that you honor my copyright and include proper credit.

A Child's Bedtime Song by Denis Waitley

If I had two wishes, I know what they would be
I'd wish for roots to cling to, and wings to set me free;
Roots of inner values, like rings within a tree,
And wings of independence to seek my destiny.

Roots to hold forever, to keep me safe and strong
To let me know you love me, when I've done something wrong;
To show me by example, and help me learn to choose
To take those actions every day to win instead of lose.

Just be there when I need you, to tell me it's all right
To face my fear of falling when I test my wings in flight;
Don't make my life too easy, it's better if I try
And fail and get back up myself, so I can learn to fly.

If I had two wishes, and two were all I had
And they could just be granted by my mom and dad;
I wouldn't wish for money or any store-bought things
The greatest gifts I'd ask for are simply roots and wings.

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