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An age of having dreams and creating results;

the tentative exploration of sharing your experience with the world at large.


For typical children, after 5 years of being told we are wonderful, being taught to dream big and believe in our dreams, this is often a time of challenge and disillusionment, a time when “earth bound” structure and restriction begins, we learn have too's and cant's. 

 For Children of Becoming, it is a time of supported exploration. Parents and teachers of  pupils, share experiences, and offer opportunities for dreams and desires to come true.

For Example:

Child: I want to be an astronaut.

Parent/ Teacher: Oh? Why?

Child: Answers

Parent/ Teachers: That is wonderful, what all do would you think you would need to know to be an astronaut?

Child: Answers

Parent / Teacher: Hmmm, where do you think you could learn about that? Do you think that Astronauts need to know how to do math?  What about Science?

Child: Answers

Parent / Teacher: You maybe right,  would you like to look for a book about astronauts to learn more about what they do and what they need to know?


Leading a child to choose to learn about a subject of interest makes the knowledge of value to them personally. Learning becomes a process of accumulating skills and information that has an affirmative place in the student’s life.

 This process is an important one, it is where a child develops a love of learning that will serve them throughout their life. It is in keeping with the concept that “We are spiritual beings having an physical experience” and that the “Experience” is the purpose.

 This is also the time when children form their beliefs about their ability to direct their experience, by touching the flow of abundance.  When a child dreams and the dream comes true, they experience joy.  When a child dreams and someone tells them it can’t come true, the child learns resistance to the flow of abundance and their joy is diminished. 

 As spiritual beings the universe conspires to provide us with our hearts desires. The Universe always says yes.  Yes you can be an astronaut, yes you can choose to struggle to learn math (or not too), and yes it does get easier with time.    Yes you can have anything you ask for! 

When children learn at an early ages how to ask for what it is they really want, and how to allow those things they ask for to come into their lives, they learn to live a joyful and empowered life.








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