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An important time for supportive hopes and dreams, positive wishes,

 physical growth and growing awareness of the human condition.

Develop Empowered dreaming, wishing, goal planning.


During this time on average in United States statistics show that a typical child hears the word NO, over 50,000 times, and only half that many Yes.

 Within Becoming we seek to greatly reduce that number by providing affirmative responses, instead.  The universe provides us what we ask for; it is at this earliest of stages that parents and others have the opportunity to instill a feeling of abundance in their children’s belief patterns. 

When you feel driven to say no, find something to say yes to. Even if it is only in dreamtime, being given permission to follow your bliss is empowering, and the universe provides for all of our desires, each in their own perfect time.  A wish or dream from childhood, may well come to us much later in life, if we honor that dream we find teach children to find joy in the waiting.



Child: I want to have candy for dinner.

Parent: Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could do that, what kind of candy would you have?

Child:   answers what ever they hope for

Parent: Yes that really would be fun; tonight we are having _________ for dinner. How about if we have  (insert child’s response) for dessert?


Child: I don’t want to ______________

Parent: I understand wouldn’t it be fun if we didn’t need too________ . If you could do anything you wanted to instead, what would you do?

Child: answers

Parent:  Yes that really would be fun wouldn’t it?  Tell me more about how that would make you feel.

Child: answers

Parent: That sounds wonderful; right now we need to (insert original task) when we are finished doing that  we can talk more about  (insert child’s choice of activity) if you would like too.

It is reasonable to think that our own years of hearing so many NO’s will color our parenting, and there still may be some along the way,  in offering an affirmative statement though we clearly let the universe know what we are hoping for, and that hope will be answered.

Focus on helping your child grow as a dreamer of great dreams and you will give them the tools they need to find joy an fulfillment in every aspect of their lives.




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