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The Moment of "I Dream"

A time of growing knowledge and first experiences.

Alignment with the intelligence of the universe.

 Classes now in development.

To Know, young adulthood and the first blush of love, sexuality, womenís mysteries, and overcoming the obstacles those things offer. 

At this point we know that our thoughts directly impact our outcomes, and yet we havenít even begun to know how to control that process. We know the cycles of the moon, stars, and sun, and havenít yet found our rhythms among them.

We are in the midst of a beautiful transformation, with one foot in what was and one on the slippery slope of what will be. 

We are fully entrenched in the learning process; eager to use that precious knowledge we have gained.  Knowledge and independence are at once our key, and our cage. It I now that we look deeper into the mystery of the moon, and stars, to find our place among them.



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