Cooperation: welcoming necessary changes, negotiating and resolving differences in ways that achieve common goals, communicate goodwill, show strength of character, and foster supportive alliances. By Steve Brunkhorst

Share our similarities, celebrate our differences.

Scott. M Peck

Affirmation: I celebrate uniqueness.


If any individual is compassionate and altruistic, wherever that person moves, he or she will immediately make friends. And when that person faces tragedy, there will be plenty of people who will come to help.

HH the Dalai Lama

Affirmation:  Today I am kind and giving.


It is the enemy who can truly teach us to practice the virtues of compassion and tolerance.

HH the Dalai Lama

Affirmation: Today I will learn from those who challenge me, and I will forgive.


In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.

Albert Schweitzer

Affirmation: Today I will encourage others.


The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances. If there is any reaction, both are transformed.

Carl Jung

Affirmation: Today I allow myself to be transformed through my connections to others.


It is one of the beautiful compensations of this life that no one can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.

Charles Dudley

Affirmation: Today I help myself by helping others.


Always try to do something for the other fellow and you will be agreeably surprised how things come your way -- how many pleasing things are done for you.

Claude M. Bristol

Affirmation: Today I do for others.


Put yourself in the other man's place and then you will know why he thinks certain things and does certain deeds.

Elbert Hubbard

Affirmation: Today I will be considerate of others.



Pleasure usually takes the form of me and now; joy is us and always.

Marvin J. Ashton

Affirmation: I find joy in working with others.


Only strength can cooperation. Weakness can only beg.

 Dwight D. Eisenhower

Affirmation:  I am strong enough to work with others.


If we would just support each other that is ninety percent of the problem.

Edward Gardner

Affirmation: Today I support those around me and am supported in return.


Live to learn, learn to live, then teach others.
Doug Horton

Affirmation: Today I learn and teach.


Imagine what a harmonious world it could be if every single person, both young and old shared a little of what he is good at doing.
Quincy Jones   

Affirmation: Today I share my skills and honor the skills of others.


We cannot learn from one another until we stop shouting at one another -- until we speak quietly enough so that our words can be heard as well as our voices.
Richard M Nixon

Affirmation: Today I will speak so my words will be heard.


No matter what the accomplishments you make, somebody helped you

Althea Gibson

Affirmation: Today I will thank those who have helped me.


We are not going to be able to operate our Spaceship Earth successfully nor for much longer unless we see it as a whole spaceship and our fate as common. It has to be everybody or nobody.

Buckminster Fuller

Affirmation: Today I will see our connections.





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